Welcome to Clark's House of Terror!!


Lights on Tour Everyday we are open in October from 5pm-6:30pm
$8.00 admission all ages. Tickets sold at entrance to haunt.

Experience the behind the scenes of a haunted house without the darkness or scary characters. The sounds, fog, and props will be just enough to tingle your spine.


Located at the Marshfield Fair Grounds in Marshfield Ma.

Old man Clark owned the largest piece of land in a little town Sheepskin, NH. The townís people have tried for years to take land from Clark for a town well. The problem was they didnít askÖ.they tried to take it by emanate domain. Clark was furious and thatís when people and animals started disappearing. Rumor has it his saw mill starts up randomly overnight. His house is surrounded by deep quicksand where he could dispose of vehicles and other evidence. Guard dogs made rabid for a purpose kept trespassers out. His basement lights flickered from power tools sucking all the energy. Screams go unnoticed for Clark ís house is far away in the middle of some 500 acres. Now all over grown and inhabited by rabid animals and swamp things people are not sure if he still lives! Young people try to put rumors to rest while partying on his property but never return.

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